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Enterprise mobility

It is an approach to work in which employees can do their jobs from anywhere using a variety of devices and applications. Mobility is must needed for fast operation and decision making for any enterprise now a days. The term commonly refers to the use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for business purposes.

MCS is specialized in enterprise mobility solution to help you realize business outcomes from mobility with a holistic approach:


Use mobility as a strategic business differentiator.


Define business models around mobile technologies.


Address challenges associated with managing investments around rapidly evolving mobile technologies. Enterprise Mobility Solution will transform and engage your employees, customers & stake holders and make them work in a more collaborative and real time environment. An integration between mobile applications and enterprise applications brings into reach incredible gains and business empowerment. For example, where a sales personnel requires to access the latest sales numbers using a mobile application, the accuracy of the numbers largely depends on the real-time integration with the back-end enterprise applications or systems.

Enterprise Integration is a technical field of enterprise architecture which is focused on the study of topics such as system interconnection, electronic data interchange, product data exchange and distributed computing environments. Enterprise application integration is an integration framework composed of a collection of technologies and services which form a middleware to enable integration of systems and applications across the enterprise. So in essence, we should think of integration for mobile apps with enterprise data to empower business processes and mobile users, but secondarily, the results, insights and collaboration outputs generated via mobile apps should have a way of being fed back to systems of record. Due to experience gained in global implementations, our team of experts have mastered real-time integrations.

We have also integrated mobile applications with the most popular portal solutions, SAP and SharePoint. CRM SAP Mobile Integration Microsoft EPM Mobility Integration SharePoint Mobility Integration Trending Technology Change is the only constant. This applies in your professional life as well. Up-scaling yourself is a need nowadays, the reason is pretty simple, technology is evolving very quickly. Currently, market is tech-driven and different trending tech enhancements have scaled up wide varieties of opportunities. As per the growing market demands of tech solution and services, we make use of the best and latest tech tools to craft out the best solutions.

Our ultimate target is to scale up identity of the business and drag attention of maximum number of audiences towards the business. Satisfying the user needs, we aim to increase the turnovers of our clients establishing a good market reputation. For scaling up business identity and visibility on virtual platform, it is essential for the brands to adopt trending tech advancements and use them in the best way ensuring high-end results. MCS is well-versed the trending tech advancements.

We have listed top trending technologies, which is expected to acquire a huge market in 2018-19.
• Artificial Intelligence
• Big Data
• RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
• Blockchain
• Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
• Cloud Computing
• Internet of Things (IoT)