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Enterprise Security

Enterprise Information Security Architecture (EISA) is the practice of applying a comprehensive and rigorous method for describing a current or future structure and behavior for an Organization's security processes, information security systems, personnel and Organizational sub-units, so that they align with the Organization's core goals and strategic direction.

Although often associated strictly with information security technology, it relates more broadly to the security practice of business optimization that addresses business security architecture, performance management and security process architecture as well. Organizations today require their applications and infrastructure to be in a secure environment to keep their business running strong. To achieve this, it is critical that every single element involved in the business is protected against any sort of threat, external or internal by putting processes with proactive and reactive measures to safeguard against such instances.

Enterprise Information Security Architecture is becoming a common practice within the financial institutions around the globe. The primary purpose of creating an enterprise information security architecture is to ensure that business strategy and IT security are aligned. As such, enterprise information security architecture allows traceability from the business strategy down to the underlying technology.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is the phrase used to describe different scenarios in which computing resource is delivered as a service over a network connection (usually, this is the internet).

The Cloud Computing concept is the vast computing resources which can be located somewhere instead within your computer room and you can connect and use them as per the need, which means it allows companies to use latest and appropriate technology as a service, be it Software as a Service (SaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), with the flexibility to pay-per-use business models by moving to IT as a subscription so that you get to pay for what you use, when you use it.

IT Managed Services

We provide innovative services to help clients build and support highly optimized and reliable IT infrastructures. With deep skills and knowledge, including industry-leading expertise, MCS focuses on understanding its client’s business goals and requirements and then translating business and strategic objectives into IT requirements.

We work closely with technology and your business organizations to create IT capabilities that not only meet today’s needs to reduce cost but also address tomorrow’s requirement for enhanced business and operational capabilities. Our staff of highly qualified professional consultants provide services and expertise that range from architectural design through implementation and maintenance of complex IT setups.