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Salient Features of EMPOWER:

• Our solution is available on Capex, SaaS as well outsource services.
• Password protected (user defined/system generated) PDF reports such as Pay slip, Loan reports etc. Application level Password protection.
• True light weight Application, all transaction possible even on low bandwidth connection.


Payroll Software considers all taxation rules according to our country with customization of taxation and salary rules.

» Supports multiple salary heads & variables like CTC, Basic, HRA, Incentives, Medical Allowance, Transportation Allowance, Travel Allowance and so on. Calculations can be done according to standardized processes or your processes.
» Empower Payroll Software fully integrates with Leave and Attendance.
» Upload facility to NSDL for TDS and other statutory deduction.
» Captures employee investment declaration for tax benefits investments and deducts tax according to government laws.
» Our payroll software creates comprehensive legal and management reports. You can instantly print the legal forms and submit to government / authorities.
» Allows emailing salary slips to employees in PDF format.
» Allows employees to view past salary slips and salary details.
» Supports multiple banks accounts for employee salary transfer. Prints / Emails transfer advice for each bank.
» Allows multiple payment methods cash, check or bank transfer.
» Configurable pay-slips.
» Variance reporting to view the differences in salaries between two months.
» Complete audit-trail for any changes made.
» Multi-step approval process is possible.
» Displays Tax Advice to employees and allows employee to structure salaries.
» Last of all – completely integrated with Full & Final Settlement.
» Supports multiple salary structures for different salary grades. Allows flexibility to vary the salary head amounts for employees in same grade.
» Maintains promotions and salary increment history of employees.
» PF & Company Loan: application, disbursement, deductions, pre-payment, ECR file generation for filing monthly PF challan online and Holding Employee Loan Deduction.

Welcome to the State of the Art self-service access portal from MCS, which delivers more than just a powerful, easy-to-use employee access to their Payroll & HR information. These services are offered thru’ a comprehensive architecture that empowers our client employees and managers to experience the benefits of on-demand – the ability to manage & share information easily.

This Mobile and Web-based self-service solution integrates with HR and Payroll built in the back end to -

» Improve overall corporate awareness and communication while providing employees across the organization with a higher level of services.
» Enable employees to review their HR, payroll and benefits records and update personal information, depending upon the services configured for the company & type of employees.
» Give managers the ability to access employee profiles, access reports.
» Provides you with a World Class level of service and flexible, scalable solutions that help you grow and adapt to a constantly changing business environment.


MCS is one of the leading providers of integrated services & solutions that help companies of various sizes efficiently manage their HR, Payroll, Benefit & other transactional process, allowing them to focus on core issues related to Human Capital. Our IT enabled services & solutions include outsourcing of payroll processing, HR Information systems management, enabling technology driven HR processes, Employee Self Help (ESS) services and Workflows, compliance & statutory related processing.

We offer a broad range of services that help employers increase productivity, process & data integrity, easy access to information, ensure compliance, improve employee retention and control costs.

An Integrated Outsourcing Model (IOM) from MCS is a technology backed HR Business Process Outsourcing solution designed to help companies reduce costs, improve services levels to employees, and manage risks. IOM is a logical evolution of our HR, Benefits, Payroll and other related business process expertise. We can handle back-office and front-office services to support traditional transaction processing in a comprehensive administration and shared services center format.

MCS manages these services using –
» Proven application platform – Capability to manage Multi Locations, Multi Employee profiles & affiliations, Multi Payroll Cycles, Multi States situations
» Seamlessly integrated HRMS & Payroll functionality - For clients, that means the elimination of efforts for better productivity – just one vendor with comprehensive responsibility
» Comprehensive HR Domain Expertise - Clients feel secure in partnering with a proven leader that has both breadth and depth in its offerings, as well as across-the-board domain expertise.
» Robust service delivery processes,
» Software expertise for customizing application to user requirements,
» Report writer & query tools to process MIS,
» Comprehensive statutory & compliance reporting,
» Audit trails & traceability of data & transactions
» Employee Self Help & Assisted help desks – On / Off Site - For your employees, that means one call will get them the answer they need.
» Comprehensive Delivery Model – MCS have combined the best practices from 10+ years of business, technology, service delivery & people processes expertise to deliver best in class customer satisfaction to your employees and managers

Payroll Services & Solutions - A Value Added, Best in Class Payroll Service At MCS, your payroll isn't just another transaction oriented process but our core business

Why not concentrate on your business & core HR processes and let someone else worry about your employees' transactions? For most business professionals, payroll, HR Operations, Claims, Statutory compliance and Compensation & Benefit administration is a necessary hygiene factor. Employee satisfaction hinges largely on how well the organization responds to employee concerns at the right time with right focus. With our application & processes suitable for companies with as low as 100 employees to few tens of thousands, MCS offer you:

Service with a Difference:

Best-in-class application features for payroll management Fully hosted payroll solution with back-end processing, services and support A new-breed full-service, fully-outsourced solution

Comprehensive Service Delivery Processes

Processes your payroll from input to payroll verification. Once we have your data, MCS team will take care of the rest of the payroll preparation. Manages your employee payroll records. MCS will maintain all approved inputs, files & records of payroll-related documentation for your employees for future reference Manages your payroll data. MCS takes care of all the steps associated with processing your payroll – from checking of inputs, mid process quality checks, verification of final reports, client sign off before authorizing the payroll for a particular cycle Responds to your employees' payroll-related questions and inquiries through email Manages your pay period and Year-end processes – one of the most stressful and hectic activities for any organization Employee Self Help (ESS) option to empower employees and bring down transactional load on the HR stakeholders

Payroll Input options:

Batch Mode, Internet & Work Flows/Rules, Client/server Connectivity

Value-added services:

» Batch & Online access to a wide range of payroll management reports for analysis and reporting
» Employment Data Base with more than 400 attributes
» Time and attendance with multiple ways for exchanging data with payroll
» Meeting Statutory Compliance reporting requirements – Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly
» IT support

Human Resources Information Management

Sophisticated & Intelligent way to manage human resource information

Whether you're simply looking for an effective way to automate employee data, or you require a more sophisticated HR management system, MCS can offer smart, robust solutions that speed your access to information and enhance your strategic contributions by transforming raw HR data into usable business intelligence... supporting executive decision-making and enabling your organization to adapt more quickly in a changing, competitive environment. Depending on your organization's size and requirements, flexible and integrated HRMS solutions can help you to
» Keep effective, up-to-date employee data base
» Manage employee pay structure, category, grade, function, position data
» Track employee benefit, Flexi Pay plans as an option
» Calendar, Shift, Leave, Attendance & Absence data
» Document employee performance
» Manage government compliance and organizational reporting requirements
» Develop strategic career and succession plans
» Seamless integration with payroll system